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January 6th 2024

Aruban coat of arms

Black T-shirt with a gold Aruban coat of arms.

The gold color is dedicated to one of our first industry which was gold. At the end of the War of the eight years, in 1636, de Dutch took possession of Aruba. In 1824 gold was discovered in Rooi Fluit, giving place to the extraction of about 1.3 million pounds of gold in 1913. (-google-)

The Aruban coat of arms symbolizes our strength and glory. Coat of Arms

Aruba’s Coat of Arms has been in use since November 15, 1955. The design was created by “Atelier voor Heraldische Kunst,” of Amsterdam, Holland, but it was later altered to reflect of the symbols of Aruba.

The following are the components of the Coat of Arms:

  • The Aloe is the symbol of the first source of prosperity of Aruba
  • Hooiberg (Aruba’s second highest point of elevation and its most recognizable landmark) symbolizes Aruba rising out of the sea.
  • The handshake is the symbol of the friendly ties Aruba enjoys with other nations and people, both on the political and economic level.
  • The gear symbolizes industry.
  • The cross in the center represents devotion and faith.
  • The lion, sitting atop the Coat of Arms, represents power and generosity.
  • The laurel leaves are the symbols of peace and friendship.